Information for Parents

Everyday, “ZaFi” is viewed by many people. Since this website does not require any sort of registration, anyone at any age can access any part of this website. “ZaFi” is meant to be a family-friendly and kid-safe website for games… however, there are a few games that parents may find inappropriate for young children. A few of our games do have violence, guns, and blood. The majority of these games are found in the Shooting Games category. These games are intended for players over the age of 13.

“ZaFi” also has some Casino games. No actual money is involved, and the games are intended for entertainment purposes only.

We will NEVER add any games that include too much violence or blood. We also will not add games with profanity, sexual themes, or drugs.

As A Parent/Guardian, it is your responsibility to…

Monitor which games your child plays on the site.
Determine which games are inappropriate for your child to play.

Block games or websites that are inappropriate by using Parental Control software.

We recommend that you take a look around the website, and try some of the games yourself. Then, you can choose which games are appropriate or inappropriate for your child to play. There are a lot of great (and educational) games on “ZaFi”, and we want everyone to have fun… but we also want everyone to be safe on the Internet.

If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us.

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